Farm Input Management

How often do you hear from your neighbor how inexpensive he got his Roundup for and wonder how, who, and where did he find that price? With crop prices where they are and appear to be going we all need to find the gaps in our input spending and access whether we're spending too much on the wrong products at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

AMS LLC has many connections ranging from chemical wholesalers to river barges for fertilizer and everything in between. We help you find what products work for you and keep our fingers on the pulse of the markets to assist with when is the best time to purchase your inputs. The last ten years we have been influenced into prepay scenarios with our inputs which in most cases was the right call, however with tides turning is it still the correct call?


Cutting Out What Doesn't Add Up

When corn was $6 it was an easy call to throw money at "add ins" to your usual cropping practices. This was a very beneficial time for growers to try the zinc, fungicide, sulfur, and so on products to see just how their particular growing operation could benefit from it. The return on investment (ROI) line has tightened up but we need to ask ourselves if it's a good idea to cut products or practices out that in the long run make us money. Take fungicide for instance, now it's easy to say no to the idea of putting another $24/acre into this crop however it's just as easy to dig a little deeper into it. You've used fungicide in the past without thought and have been happy with what you've seen in gains of 14+ bushel on average and in overall harvestability both of which are money in your pocket. So if you could trade your time and grey hairs in and gain 6 bushels worth of bottom line profit would you do it? Another example is soybean seed treatment and if it's worth doing at these prices. There certainly are some new and exciting products coming out with not so exciting prices to go with them. Have you ever considered generic soybean seed treatments? If you could do a complete treatment with all the bells and whistles for what a bushel costs wouldn't you think that would be an easy call? These are all things we take in consideration when coming up with a recommendation to our growers which arms them in a way to make the best call they can for their particular farm's needs. 

Ag Management Solutions offers our "Armed Input Buying Service" for no added cost to you. We shop for your farms specific input needs and arm you with the right information to make the right call at the right time.