Making the call on whether or not to spray fungicide on your fields can be a tough decision with corn at $3.50. In any pricing climate there are three things that play a major role in making that decision. 


1. Are weather conditions favorable for disease pressure and or plant health stresses?

On several occasions we've seen outstanding results from fungicide application in drought situations. Fungicide can remove stresses from corn plants in which aiding in plant health through less than ideal growing conditions. 


2. Are the hybrids you planted susceptible to disease pressure? How do they respond when placed on non rotated acres? 

Please feel free to consult with us on if the hybrids you planted may be susceptible to disease pressure. We have many resources on today's hybrids that can help in your decision. 

3. Do the numbers work out to break even on paper?

AMS LCC offers 0% financing through John Deere Credit along with many of today's chemical companies put incentives on buying early which can help with keeping the cost down along with our aggressive pricing structure help in this matter. In the state of Iowa last year BASF collected data from third party on farm trials throughout the state that resulted in a +15.4 bushel yield response when applied at VT stage. In the scenario that corns $3.50 thats a gain of $53.90 per acre, with application and product ranging in the $22 to $30 per acre range that's still a very good gain on average. 

Soybean Fungicides



Soybeans and fungicide go together well, whether applied with your own sprayer or aerial we've found that most of the time this is the right call. What can really make the decision easy is if you have narrow rows and or drill your beans, it doesn't take long to run down a bushel of beans with a ground rig in this scenario. The other thing that makes this an easy call is that most of the time if there's a need for insecticide it's usually at the optimum timing for fungicide.  AMS LLC has specials on fungicide and insecticide packages available today that even in today's pricing climate only takes around 3 bushel to cover your expense.