Ag Management Solutions LLC is a full service ag chemical outlet with cash n carry pricing. We accept un-opened returns, provide bulk pumps, deliver, and much more. 


BASF products such as Headline Amp, Priaxor, Headline EC, Outlook, Armezon, Armezon Pro and much more. rebates and bundle pricing still available on Headline and Priaxor products.


Dupont offers a full lineup of corn and soybean pesticides consisting of Aproach brand fungicides, Callisto products such as Realm Q, Steadfast Q, and many more. Dupont offers attractive incentives to Pioneer brand seed customers along with True Choice financing options. 

Bayer Crop Sciences products like Stratego YLD, Capreno, Laudis, Corvus, Poncho & Votivo, Balance Flex, Liberty Link, among many others.

Loveland products offers a full lineup of cutting edge surfactants, adjuvants, and many other ag products. 




FMC products like Capture LFR insecticide, Cadet, Anthem, Authority First/Maxx/Assit/Elite/XL/MTZ, Marvel, Mustang Maxx and many more. equipment programs available for capture lfr 3rive planter applied insecticide systems.


3drive Capture LFR foaming planter applied insecticide systems for protection against cutworm, rootworm, and many more below ground corn pests. rebates available with purchase of Capture LFR products.


Dow Agosciences lineup consisting of SureStart, Sonic, Cobalt Advanced, First Rate, Hornet, Durango, Instinct, Nserve, and Lorsban to name a few. 



AMS offers all brands and products for your ag chem needs, please feel free to give us a call and inquire on our prepay and in season pricing.


AMS Ag. Chem

4851 Olive Ave

Northwood Iowa 50459